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You Need to Protect Yourself from EMF Exposure

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You Need to Protect Yourself from EMF Exposure about My Sinus Miracle
If you’re like most people, you have a bunch of appliances in your home, like a refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. And chances are you’re using some kind of electronic device right now to read this.

What all these have in common is they emit EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). So does the smart meter installed by your electric company, your hair dryer, even your wall outlets.

This raises an important question – is there a point where too much exposure to EMFs becomes dangerous?

The Canary in The Coalmine

There’s a growing group of people who would give you a resounding “yes.” These are folks who suffer from EHS… electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

And no, it’s not all their heads, and they’re not crazy. This is a real problem – and I have evidence it’s about to get much, much worse as 5G wireless networks are installed. I recently heard a retired college professor with a Ph.D. in biochemistry from CalTech offer explosive evidence that we’re all in big trouble. The whole world.

Meanwhile, a small number of people have the misfortune to be the canaries in the coalmine. They’re already sick from EMFs.

People with electromagnetic hypersensitivity experience a variety of unpleasant symptoms whenever they’re exposed to EMFs. These symptoms vary from person to person.

For some it’s tingling and burning sensations, headaches, dizziness, or brain fog. For others it’s nausea, digestive trouble or chronic fatigue. Some people experience sleep problems, heart palpitations, or problems with their memory or concentration.1 Unfortunately for these folks, most of the scientific community doesn’t recognize EHS. But for EHS sufferers, it’s a serious problem. Some people’s symptoms are so serious they can’t tolerate environments where there are cell towers or Wi-Fi use. That makes it almost impossible for them to hold down a job.

Some Countries are Starting to Pay Attention

I am receptive to the small but growing number of scientists who say EHS is real because I’ve been following a related claim for years – that cellphones increase the risk of brain cancer.

Another publication I write, Cancer Defeated, was among the first to report on the possible dangers of cellphones. In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified EMFs as a Class 2B possible carcinogen, putting it in the same category as DDT and leaded gasoline.

Some large-population studies have found a correlation between brain cancer rates and heavy cell phone use. And they define "heavy use" as only a half hour a day!

Population surveys show 1.5% of Swedes have EHS.  But in Taiwan it’s a staggering 13.3% of the population.2 That’s not too surprising given that Taiwan is known to be one of the most heavily WiFi-networked places on earth (it’s the world leader in free Wi-Fi).

There’s only one country that has written guidelines for diagnosing and treating EMF health problems – Austria.  The Salzburg Public Health Department has even officially advised against using Wi-Fi in schools.

EMFs are no joke.  As our world becomes more dependent on electronics and Wi-Fi, it may be just a matter of time before it becomes a more widespread problem.  And the problem seems to sneak up on people.

There seems to be a tipping point for EHS sufferers when they go from experiencing some symptoms to becoming completely unable to tolerate exposure.  For these folks, even a neighbor with Wi-Fi can be a problem.

“Quite Zones” for EMF Refugees

People with severe EHS are sometimes called EMF refugees.  The only way they can live comfortably is if they’re in an environment that’s completely free of EMF emissions.  That turns  them into virtual social outcasts.  But surprisingly, one of the most talked about EMF-free areas happens to be right here in the US – Green Bank, West Virginia.3 There are no cell towers in Green Bank. The local residents use only landlines -- and corded phones at that (cordless phones emit EMFs, too).

When you go to the grocery store in Green Bank, you have to push the door open yourself… no automatic door openers there.  And no digital cameras or cars with gasoline engines allowed… they emit EMFs, too.

Green Bank wasn’t designed with EMF refugees in mind.  It’s actually part of a 13,000 square mile area created by the US Congress called the National Radio Quiet Zone.

The Quiet Zone is home to, quite ironically, one of the world’s most powerful, high tech radio telescopes, which is used to detect electromagnetic signals from outer space.  In order for it to work properly, there can’t be any other radio or electromagnetic signals nearby.

This makes Green Bank the perfect spot for people who suffer from EHS.  As I write these words, over 30 people have already moved there for this reason.  And now other communities designed for people with EHS are starting to crop up in other parts of the world, too.

How to Protect Yourself

I’ll make a wild guess that you are not in a position to move to West Virginia and you may be interested in other ways to reduce your EMF exposure.  But eliminating Wi-Fi and your cellphone and tablet use can be a tall order, too (I know, because I’ve thought about it for several reasons, including not only EMFs but privacy, too).

Still there are some things you can do to help protect yourself from EMFs without completely giving up your modern conveniences.  Consider these steps:
  • If you use a laptop, don’t put it directly on your lap.  Put it on a pillow on your lap instead.
  • When you use your cell phone, put it on speaker and hold it away from your head.
  • If you use a blow dryer, try to use it less.
  • Make your bedroom an EMF quiet zone. The best thing to do is to keep your cellphone out of your bedroom. If you must have it near you, turn off the Wi-Fi or put it on airplane mode while you sleep.
  • Turn off your home’s Wi-Fi altogether when you go to bed.
  • Put a wireline phone in your home and use it when you can, instead of your cell.
  • Check with your electric company about replacing your wireless meter with an old-fashioned analog meter (if the numbers on your meter are a digital display, it’s a wireless meter)
If you start to feel some of the symptoms described earlier in this article, see if you can pinpoint them to times when you use products that emit EMFs.  If you can, it may be a good idea to make your entire home an EMF quiet zone.
My Sinus Miracle

My Sinus Miracle

Safe Herbal Relief


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