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The Drug-Free Way To Erase Gout

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The Drug-Free Way To Erase Gout about Advanced Brain Power

We just finished the season of feasts aplenty in celebration of the holidays. Tables everywhere were set with beef tenderloin… buttery mashed potatoes… and more desserts than you could count. It’s no wonder so many of us are back to counting calories now that January is well underway. But a thicker waistline isn’t the only problem you can suffer after holiday feasting.

If you’ve got gout, these rich holiday foods can leave you with joint pain that makes your days miserable for weeks to come. But don’t worry, there’s help: A natural way to end your gout pain. Here’s what you need to know…

Gout is often called “the rich man’s disease” because of its link to drinking alcohol and eating rich foods like beef, lamb, seafood, and sweets. These foods contain molecules called purines that cause uric acid crystals to build up in your joints. These crystals can cause severe pain and immobility in your toes and feet.

Your mainstream doctor will tell you there are only two ways to treat this miserable disease: Through your diet and by using a drug called allopurinol. Dietary changes include cutting out fats, especially saturated fats from red meat and dairy products, as well as limiting sugar, baked goods, alcohol, and fruit juice. The changes aren’t easy, and neither is the drug allopurinol. In some cases, side effects include worsening of gout symptoms, liver problems, painful urination, and bruising.1

That’s why we want to tell you that these aren’t your only options to find relief. Mother nature has a safe and affordable remedy for gout.

Natural solution stops 66 percent of gout attacks

Mother Nature has again provided an effective solution where the mainstream has come up short. I’m talking about probiotics – the collection of tiny organisms in your stomach that help with digestion, immunity, and mood.

Now, research shows these helpful bacteria can also help you beat gout.

Probiotics work because they help naturally reduce uric acid levels by breaking down purines before they can form crystals. In fact, one review of four randomized control trials found that gout patients taking probiotics had lower uric acid levels.2

A randomized pilot trial of 30 gout patients showed that folks taking a probiotic supplement containing L. salivarius for six months experienced 66 percent fewer gout attacks than those taking allopurinol for the same amount of time!

Plus, the probiotic group took significantly less pain medication and had no side effects.3 Better results than the mainstream’s default drug… without any issues. What’s more, probiotics offer a host of other health benefits from better digestion to stronger immune health. You can’t beat results like these!

And there’s more good news about probiotics and gout...

In one trial, scientists prescribed probiotic supplements to gout patients for ten days, and they saw lower blood pressure, weight loss, reduced abdominal fat and waist circumference, decreased lesion size and scar tissue on the kidneys, and normal blood levels of uric acid and creatinine.4

Our takeaway

Probiotics are really a no brainer when it comes to relieving symptoms of gout. Remember, probiotics come in many different formulations. If you’re a gout sufferer, ensure that your probiotic contains L. salivarius, the strain shown in research to beat the drug allopurinol at relieving symptoms.

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The Green Valley Team

Advanced Brain Power

Advanced Brain Power

Unique Proprietary Formula For Healthy Brain Function*


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