Allergen Gluten-Free in Advanced Brain Power
Allergen non-GMO in Advanced Brain Power

Advanced Brain Power

Unique Proprietary Formula For Healthy Brain Function*...


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Key Ingredients

Ingredient Luteolin 98% (from Sophora Japonica bud) in Advanced Brain Power

Luteolin 98% (from Sophora Japonica bud)

Ingredient Skullcap extract (root) (Scutellaria baicalensis 90% baicalin) in Advanced Brain Power

Skullcap extract (root) (Scutellaria baicalensis 90% baicalin)


Resveratrol 99%



Ingredient Chromium (as chromium picolinate) in Advanced Brain Power

Chromium (as chromium picolinate)


Memo-Q™ BF-7 Silk Protein Hydrolysate

Ingredient Sage leaf extract 8:1 (Salvia officinalis) in Advanced Brain Power

Sage leaf extract 8:1 (Salvia officinalis)


Frequently Asked Questions

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Here at Green Valley, we only work with US-based manufacturing facilities that are cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant and FDA inspected.

Our products are triple tested by our manufacturers to ensure potency and purity and are stored in our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse right here in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. And we ship directly to your doorstep – we don’t share warehouse space and we don’t hand off your business to a third party to fulfill your order.

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Customer Reviews

When talking I keep moving forward with my train of thought without hesitation

Jody B.

My memory and recall are much better. I don't have the occasional brain lapses like I used to. I can remember names and phone numbers easily.

Alex H.

I believe it helps me stay focused.

Kimberly K.

Words in my brain don't get mixed up and I speak fluently. Less forgetful and more alert.

Harvinder S.

more clear thinking

John C.

We were on a ladies retreat several miles from home and I knew the way to the hills that led to our cabin from anywhere in the cities we visited, I also amazed them by always knowing exactly where the car was parked at a large venue. I credit both Advanced Brain Power and Brain Vitality Plus from you also. I don't loose my car in large parking lots. I walk right to it.

Carole M.

Took away the fog and it was remarkable how my recall improved. I am so pleased with the results and I don't want to be without it. I plan on taking it forever. I have recommended it to many family members and friends.

Priscilla D.