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Sleep Herb’s Surprise Benefit: Lowered Anxiety, Blood Sugar

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Sleep Herb’s Surprise Benefit: Lowered Anxiety, Blood Sugar about Brain Vitality Plus

One of the most remarkable things about many herbs is their versatility. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, herbs contain a valuable mixture of beneficial natural compounds that modern science is just starting to unravel. When these compounds work together, they’re often effective against several different health issues simultaneously.

There’s no better example than the ancient herb chamomile. The latest research shows that this centuries old herb does more than just relax the body for a good night’s sleep. It can also manage anxiety and even lower blood sugar. Here’s what you need to know…

Almost 40 million people have diabetes and many millions more have what’s called pre-diabetes and are in danger of developing the full-blown disease. If you’re one of them, dietary changes, nutritional supplements, and prescription medication can help. But studies now show that chamomile, an herb used medicinally for thousands of years, might be the easiest solution of them all.

As for anxiety, chamomile can help that, too. And if you’re among the one in three Americans who has experienced significant anxiety that’s powerful enough to disrupt daily life, then you know what a blessing any safe, natural relief can be.

Let’s start with chamomile and blood sugar…

Easing blood sugar problems

A growing number of studies around the world show that taking chamomile extracts, and drinking chamomile tea, can help people with diabetes keep their blood sugar under better control.

For instance, a randomized clinical trial in the Middle East involved 64 people between the ages of 30 and 60 with diabetes who consumed chamomile tea three times a day after each meal for two months. Researchers found that the chamomile kept the participants’ blood sugar lower, reduced their insulin resistance and improved their bodies’ ability to utilize antioxidants to protect cells and tissues.1

Plus, several studies have shown that chamomile may be able to lower blood sugar levels by enabling the liver to store more sugar as glycogen – the body’s reserve collection of starch that is used to fuel muscle movement when blood sugar runs low.2 And some of those same studies indicate that the natural chemicals in chamomile can inhibit the action of enzymes in the digestive tract that allow the quick absorption of sugar from the food we eat.

While chamomile tea has been long-known as a relaxing, calming beverage that can prepare the body for sleep, it’s only recently that researchers have begun to study exactly how effective the herb is against anxiety and other mood problems.

And the results of those studies affirm its effectiveness.

Helps generalized anxiety disorder

A review study involving scientists from the Middle East and Asia found that chamomile can help with generalized anxiety disorder and help folks sleep better.3

Studies that have looked at combining saffron with chamomile have found a synergistic effect with using both of the herbs for dealing with depression. In one of these investigations, a randomized trial in Asia, people being treated for depression drank tea made from saffron and chamomile twice a day for six months.

Tests of these tea drinkers found that the herbs were linked to improvements of their brain’s BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) levels. BDNF helps support neuronal growth and survival and some researchers consider it a natural antidepressant.

This is exciting news because as we’ve long reported here, increasing BDNF levels in the brain can improve focus, attention, and mental recall. In fact, I believe that using all-natural BDNF boosters such as exercise and herbs like coffee cherry are an important first line of defense against memory loss. In other words, they can help you hold onto your mental sharpness much longer than you might otherwise. If you’d like to learn more about the product I recommend, Brain Vitality Plus, click here.

It’s a proprietary nutrient blend formulated by our sister company, Green Valley Natural Solutions, to contain a patented form of Whole Coffee Fruit Extract called Neurofactor™, which has been shown in clinical study to support your body’s natural production of BDNF.

As for the saffron and chamomile tea, that’s something I’d recommend as well. Because in addition to raising BDNF, the levels of tryptophan in the brains of the people drinking these teas increased which, the researchers say, is connected to less depression and a deeper state of calm and relaxation. And that’s all from drinking two cups of tea!

But perhaps best of all, along with those improvements, the teas increased the effectiveness of anti-depressant pharmaceuticals and, at the end of the six months, the depressive symptoms of the people consuming the tea improved significantly.4

My takeaway

My take after reviewing the growing body of global research on chamomile’s usefulness as health promoter and relaxation inducer is that this is only the beginning of the many benefits of this remarkable herb. In fact, this herb is so effective that one group of researchers writing about its potential entitled their study – “An Herbal Medicine of the Past with a Bright Future.”5 And I have to agree. If only conventional doctors would add this medicinal herb to their arsenal in the fight against anxiety, depression, high blood sugar and insomnia. Until that happens, my team and I will keep you posted on important safe, natural ways to better your health and longevity.

Brain Vitality Plus

Brain Vitality Plus

Next Generation Cognitive Enhancement & Recovery Matrix


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