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SCENAR: Amazing Natural Treatment Triggers Your Body To Heal Itself

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Telomere Activation Complex And Mitochondrial Enhancement Matrix.


SCENAR: Amazing Natural Treatment Triggers Your Body To Heal Itself about Genesis

If you're not familiar with SCENAR therapy, then keep reading. This natural therapy is a biofeedback technique that uses electromagnetic energy to support your nervous system and inspire physical healing in a way that few treatments can.

Perhaps most important, SCENAR helps heal hard-to-treat conditions such as chronic muscle and joint pain. And, since it treats pain without pain-relieving drugs, it's safe for almost any pain management protocol.

Best of all, you can use it at home. Here's what you need to know...

What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback techniques are treatments designed to help the body heal itself. As part of the healing process, many of these techniques train you to control bodily functions that are normally automatic and not under conscious control. For example, your heart rate, breathing patterns or muscle responses.

SCENAR – which stands for Self-Controlled Electro Neuro-Adaptive Regulation – involves the use of a small device that employs a modulated electric signal on the skin to coax the nervous system to alter its behavior.

At the same time, the device also measures how the nerves are responding – those measurements represent the “feedback.”

How does it work?

SCENAR was originally designed for the Russian space program. Astronauts needed a small, portable device that could deal with physical problems they might experience during space flight.

The basic concept incorporated into SCENAR is the propagation of a constantly shifting electromagnetic signal that, after it travels through the skin to the nervous system, allows the device to modify the electromagnetic energy it sends depending on the nervous system’s responses.

These varying signals from SCENAR then influence the behavior of C-fiber nerve cells that can ease pain or help with other troubling problems in the human body.

Relieved bladder problems in 70 percent

A study in Spain on how SCENAR can help women with an overactive bladder found that six months of SCENAR treatment helped relieve bladder problems in 70 percent of the women tested.

This study involved 66 women between the ages of 18 and 80. Each woman, according to the researchers, received up to eight twenty-minute treatments a week with SCENAR.

Even more exciting, SCENAR therapy can effectively treat pain.

Doubled the relief from back pain

In a study involving researchers from Japan, England and Russia, tests of SCENAR’s effects on lower back pain found that it significantly eased discomfort, especially when combined with other therapies.

Some of the people in the study also had treatments with analgesic drugs, although the researchers don’t specify what these were. But, according to the scientists, adding SCENAR to their treatments doubled their reported pain relief.

In addition, a study in Hawaii found SCENAR is helpful for treating various types of acute and chronic pain from neck pain to migraines.

New SCENAR technology improved relief of chronic pain

SCENAR first began to grow in popularity in the 1970s and 1980s as computers became more sophisticated and enabled biofeedback to achieve more consistent results.

Because of its effectiveness, SCENAR is growing in popularity around the world especially among people who need chronic pain management.

Of course, SCENAR therapy isn't the only biofeedback technique available to improve your central nervous system and help your body heal. Other common types of biofeedback gathered through devices include:

  • Thermal biofeedback: measures body temperate
  • Heart rate variability: measures variations in time between heartbeats which, when in the healthy range, has been linked to longevity.
  • Neurofeedback: measures brain waves
  • Blood pressure biofeedback: measures blood pressure and is an indicator of heart and nervous system health
  • Galvanic skin response: measures breathing rate

Many of these measures have proven useful in the treatment of everything from injuries to neurological problems.

Proven healing of hard-to-treat conditions

Among the biofeedback measurements and methods gaining attention are therapies and devices that can:

  • Speed recovery from concussion: A study at the University of South Carolina shows that combining biofeedback with aerobic exercise and breathing exercises can speed the healing process of a slow-healing concussion. In this research, “Our study used a handheld biofeedback device to help people train their breathing to match their heart rate patterns. This can help balance the autonomic nervous system and manage symptoms,” reports researcher Professor R. Davis Moore, PhD.
  • Improve physical functioning in Parkinson’s patients: Research at the University of Houston demonstrates that a biofeedback belt that vibrates when a Parkinson’s patient starts to lose their balance can help re-establish better stability when walking or standing. The data collected about balance from the belt can also be relayed to a healthcare practitioner.
  • Relieve stress and anxiety, even severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): Biofeedback has long been used to relieve stress and anxiety. Research shows that neurofeedback involving very low frequencies between 0.02 and 0.2 Hz, can rapidly and significantly reduce the severity of PTSD symptoms and improves overall cognitive function.
  • Treat heart problems such as heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, heart attack, and heart failure: Researchers at the Kaufman Center for Heart Failure Treatment and Recovery at the Cleveland Clinic say a number of cardiovascular conditions can benefit from biofeedback. What’s more “they’ve barely scratched the surface” of all the ways that biofeedback can help the heart and the body.

SCENAR devices and biofeedback should be "widely used"

Many healthcare professionals and researchers believe that conventional medicine should be using biofeedback to treat a variety of health problems.

In discussing neurofeedback, the type of biofeedback that involves measuring brain waves, Frank Duffy, M.D., a Harvard-trained neurologist, says: “Biofeedback therapy should play a major therapeutic role in many difficult areas. In my opinion if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy, it would be universally accepted and widely used."

I couldn't agree more. Biofeedback is one of many alternative treatments with a proven track record that is simply ignored by conventional medicine because it’s not created by Big Pharma. Not to mention the fact that many biofeedback treatments can take place at home.

My takeaway

SCENAR treatments and other biofeedback therapies are simple, safe and can help people of all ages with a variety of health conditions.

If you have a persistent problem like chronic pain, PTSD or an overactive bladder, I encourage you to try SCENAR or another form of biofeedback because it may offer you significant help. More importantly, it doesn’t entail the dangerous side effects that drugs or surgery often cause.

You can find a number of biofeedback devices and techniques in clinics. And many can be used at home, including SCENAR therapy devices, which are becoming more sophisticated and highly accurate.

Biofeedback devices for at-home use come in a number of different forms from handheld and portable devices to wearable devices such as watches, headbands, patches, rings, and even interactive video games.



Telomere Activation Complex And Mitochondrial Enhancement Matrix.


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