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Natural Pain Relief That’s Fast And Lasts about Bone & Muscle Defense

What’s the worst part of the holiday season?

It’s not the holiday shopping… the cooking… or even hanging the outdoor twinkle lights.

It’s when you can’t join in any fun festivities because of pain. But you don’t have to miss out – or live in pain – any longer.

Research shows there’s a new, natural way to erase pain, especially if that pain is in your neck and shoulders. Best of all, you could see results in as little as a few minutes. Here’s the story…

The mainstream will give you just two options for your neck pain: risky drugs and dangerous surgery. But these should be last resorts -- not first measures – when it comes to relief. Because the underlying cause of most neck pain has to do with your muscles, not your spine.

You see knotted, tight, and irritated bands of muscle tissue – sometimes called trigger points -- form when your muscles are overused. These rigid bands can create pain and stiffness and even reduce mobility, especially if left untreated for many years.

And that’s where a very unique treatment called dry needling comes in…

Western medicine’s natural needle treatment for real pain relief

Dry needling is the use of small needles that are placed deep into the myofascial tissue—the thin white connective tissue that’s wrapped around your muscle tissue—into the site of the trigger points causing your pain. When trigger points form, they can cut off the blood and nutrient supply to parts of your muscles, leading to increased pain and stiffness.

But dry needling can help stop this cycle by increasing blood flow back into the muscles while breaking up and flushing out the trigger point. What’s more, dry needling can also increase the production of your body’s natural pain-blocking chemicals.

Now, you’re probably familiar with acupuncture, but dry needling is different. While acupuncture is founded in Eastern medical traditional, specifically Traditional Chinese Medicine, dry needling is founded in Western medical tradition.

Dry needling is also different from trigger point injections. In the case of dry needling, providers use needles that are solid and don’t contain any medication, hence the name “dry.”

A dry needling session usually lasts about 20 minutes, and unlike acupuncture, there can be some discomfort as the provider finds and releases the trigger point. But don’t worry, the discomfort doesn’t last. In fact, some patients experience reduced pain and increased mobility almost immediately following just one dry needling session.1

What’s more, the research shows dry needling can be a godsend for anyone with neck pain…

Decrease your neck pain by 66 percent

Neck pain isn’t just annoying… it can also be life-changing. In fact, neck pain is the fourth leading cause of disability in the country and can come on at any time. That’s why it’s crucial to take action against this condition as quickly as you can.

Research shows dry needling can help you get swift relief.

A 2022 randomized clinical trial of 65 patients with chronic neck pain and cervical disability showed that dry needling improved pain intensity, disability, and symptoms by the end of their very first treatment. But that’s not the best part! Some folks saw their greatest reduction in pain at one week, meaning the treatment keeps working days after it’s ended.2

Another trial of 17 patients with recent neck pain found that dry needling helped reduce their neck pain by 33 percent immediately after treatment. And at one-week post-treatment? Their pain was lowered by 66 percent!3

Can you even imagine what 66 percent less neck pain would feel like? It could give you the relief you need to go caroling with the kids… hang your favorite wreath… and even get back on the golf course in the New Year. Best of all, dry needling can help relieve other pain, too.

Dry needling can help relieve other pain

Studies show that dry needling can also relieve:

  • Joint pain
  • Back pain and spinal issues
  • Tendonitis
  • Migraine pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Pelvic pain
  • Chronic leg cramps
  • Pain related to shingles
  • Phantom limb pain

Where to get dry needling

Physical therapists and acupuncturists are the most common providers of dry needling. You can find a qualified practitioner through the American Physical Therapy Association database. As always, check in with your doctor before starting any new treatment.

Meanwhile, if you’re suffering any kind of muscle or joint pain, we encourage you to check out our muscle, bone, and joint support formulas.

For muscle aches try Green Valley Bone & Muscle Defense, featuring a key ingredient derived from the amino acid leucine called myHMB®️. This formula delivers a highly concentrated, proprietary blend of muscle support and protection for lasting relief.

And for joint pain, whether it’s your knees, hips, back, fingers, ankles, or shoulders, you can start feeling relief in just five short days thanks to Total Joint Relief. The clinically-studied ingredients in this revolutionary formula help stop the breakdown of cartilage and support tendon health.

Best regards,
The Green Valley Team

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Bone & Muscle Defense

Bone & Muscle Defense

Protects and supports muscle and bone health


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