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Vital Force

Vital Force

boosts immune system function and health of your cells


Every Cell in Your Body Needs This Nutrient about Vital Force
There’s a nutrient needed by every cell in the body. It’s even known as the “everywhere” nutrient.

And its benefits are so powerful and well-established that I think just about everybody should be taking it as a supplement.

The nutrient I’m talking about – CoQ10.

Helping Cellular Energy Production

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that helps the mitochondria – little structures in each cell – manufacture the energy that cells need to function.

Many of CoQ10’s health benefits stem from this function in mitochondria. But research now shows it possesses a wide range of other health-promoting powers.

CoQ10’s role in energy production makes it particularly important for organs like the heart, brain and liver, but every cell in a plant or animal needs it. That’s why the other name for CoQ10 is ubiquinone – a word related to “ubiquitous” – meaning “found everywhere.”

A much-publicized need for CoQ10 arises among people who take statin drugs. Turns out that statins hamper the body’s production of CoQ10 – an occurrence that is believed responsible for statins’ frequent side effect, aches and pains in muscles.

Cures Half of All Migraines

Research shows that CoQ10 can often stop those aches as well as other painful developments – like the incapacitating aches you get from a migraine headache.

According to researchers, migraines can develop when the mitochondria in brain tissue develop problems supplying sufficient energy to brain cells.1 But CoQ10, the researchers believe, can help these mitochondria restore energy production to a higher level.

A test in Switzerland, for instance, shows that taking 300 mg of CoQ10 daily – the researchers had people take 100 mg of CoQ10 three times a day – reduced the incidence of migraines by almost 50 percent.

Going one step further, researchers in France gave migraine sufferers a daily combination of 100 mg of CoQ10 along with 112.5 mg of magnesium and 100 mg of the herb feverfew (both of which are supposed to help quell migraines) plus a daily helping of 1.4 mg of vitamin B6 – which helps the body absorb magnesium.

They found that this combo of ingredients cut the occurrences of headaches by about 60 percent by the third month of the study. What’s more, migraine-related symptoms such as extreme sensitivity to light, noise and odors was also significantly reduced.2

Staying Healthier With Longer Life Expectancy

Other research reveals an impressive list of CoQ10 benefits:
  • Increases life expectancy: Research in Denmark shows that CoQ10 not only slows the progress of deadly heart failure, it may help people live longer. When you suffer heart failure, your CoQ10 levels drop. Taking CoQ10 can slow the debilitating symptoms of heart failure without causing side effects. In the two-year study, CoQ10 was also found to cut the risk of dying – from any cause – in half.3
  • Protects against blindness: European research shows that CoQ10 helps vision and may help defend against macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness.4
  • Reduces pain from arthritis: A study in Asia indicates CoQ10 may limit inflammation and damage in arthritic joints.5
  • Lowers blood pressure and supports kidney health: Lab tests show that CoQ10, when taken with vitamin D, may help reduce blood pressure and keep kidneys healthier.
  • Keeps teeth and gums healthier: Studies show that CoQ10 can defend against gum disease. In some of these tests, people took CoQ10 as supplements and in others CoQ10 was applied directly to the gums.6
Along with being the “everywhere” nutrient, CoQ10 needs to be the “everyone” nutrient – its benefits are so widespread, I think everyone should be taking it. Green Valley’s telomere and mitochondrial support formula, Genesis, contains a clinical dose of 100 mg of CoQ10. If you take Genesis, you don’t need another CoQ10 supplement, although of course you can purchase CoQ10 by itself from many other companies.
Vital Force

Vital Force

boosts immune system function and health of your cells


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