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Official figures from the United Kingdom show a quarter of hospital deaths from COVID-19 are in patients who also had diabetes.

If you have diabetes, the deadly pandemic should be all the incentive you need to overcome the illness. Because, in many cases, it can be overcome with lifestyle changes.

Let’s take a look at a scientifically proven treatment that’s permanently reversing diabetes for people who follow three simple steps.

Diabetes is a serious disease in and of itself. Diabetes can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, limb amputation, and a shorter life. Heart attack is actually the most common cause of death among people with diabetes, and the blood sugar malady also increases your risk of cancer.

The disease consists of a general breakdown of the body that puts you at risk for practically everything.

Add on top of that the coronavirus. The pandemic is potentially deadly for diabetics because they already have impaired activity of an enzyme called delta 6 desaturase.

Lower activity of this enzyme compromises immunity and depresses the production of prostaglandin E1 (PGE1), the body’s most powerful natural anti-inflammatory. PGE1 is also a potent vasodilator throughout the body, including the lungs. So lower levels in diabetics are a particular concern should they contract the virus.

As if that wasn’t enough, COVID-19 causes blood clots. This is particularly the case in people with elevated blood sugar levels. Those with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes have the greatest risk of blood clots because their blood vessels are already damaged from the disease.

Until recently, mainstream scientists assumed type 2 diabetes was a condition that patients had to live with for the rest of their lives, but they were wrong. Those of us in alternative medicine have known this for a long time. Now there’s new evidence that should convince even the average MD.

Diabetes is Caused By a Single Factor that Can be Reversed

In 2011, a groundbreaking study in the United Kingdom proved the disease was reversible. Then, over the next six years, follow-up studies explained the reason has to do with the body’s “personal fat threshold.”

If you consume more calories than the body can burn, the excess is stored as fat under the skin. If this happens constantly, there comes a point where no more fat can be safely held under the skin. This is called the "personal fat threshold," because it's different for each person.

Fat then spills into the liver and passes onto other organs, including the pancreas. The pancreas now gets clogged and switches off genes required for making insulin, causing too much sugar to remain in the bloodstream. The result is type 2 diabetes; a disease caused by just one factor, according to this new finding: too much fat in the liver and pancreas.

So, diabetes is not a disease of obesity as such, even though we associate the disease with being overweight. Even slim people can become diabetic if they have a genetically low fat threshold. It's about whether you are overweight for you.

The Simple Solution

The surprisingly simple solution is rapid weight loss followed by a calorie-restricted diet. This is not exactly news to those of us familiar with natural ways to reverse diabetes. The twist is that it’s now seen to be relevant even for people who might not see themselves as “fat,” and the specific aim is to get rid of fat in the liver and pancreas.

Weight loss and calorie restriction puts people below their personal fat threshold and allows fat to drain away from the liver and pancreas so these organs can start working normally again. In the case of the pancreas, full organ function is restored providing its beta cells haven't been damaged too much to recover.

Different people have differing levels of beta cell durability in the face of fat accumulation. In general, if a person has received a diabetes diagnosis within the last four years, they have a high probability of success in reversing their disease.

After four years, the opportunity for full recovery recedes with each passing year. However, some people living with diabetes for over 20 years have successfully reversed the disease.

Success is as Simple as 1, 2, 3

There are three stages to becoming diabetes-free following this program.

The first stage lasts from eight to 12 weeks, when you limit total daily calories to 800. In the protocol, three nutritionally complete shakes and soups are supplied, plus a side plate of vegetables. If this doesn’t sound satisfying, don’t worry.

Roy Taylor, Professor of Medicine and Metabolism at Newcastle University, who developed the program, said that in all studies conducted by his group, participants find their hunger "fades away" after the first 36 hours.

Stage two involves the gradual reintroduction of heartier food over four weeks, and in the third stage, weight is kept steady by adhering to a long-term healthy eating plan and sensible portion sizes.

Diabetes-Free Yet Still Obese

Thirty-three pounds is the magic number to lose to trigger diabetes reversal, or for slimmer people, 15 percent of body weight. As a rule of thumb, eating about three quarters of your previous food intake is the key to keeping diabetes away long term.

In other words, obese people need not become slim. In all the studies, half of diabetics were still technically obese when they dropped below their personal fat threshold. That’s encouraging news for people who are extremely overweight and may feel hopeless when confronted with the task of getting healthy again.

Isobel Murray, a participant in one of the trials, put her diabetes into remission after four months, losing 50 pounds and coming off all medication. Four-and-a-half years later, she remains free of the disease.

"It has transformed my life," she said. "When the doctors told me my pancreas was working again, it felt fantastic -- absolutely amazing. I don't think of myself as diabetic anymore."

If you or a loved one can benefit, you can find full details of the program in Prof. Taylor's book, Life Without Diabetes.
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My Sinus Miracle

My Sinus Miracle

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